The charitable objectives of the Brentham Society are:

For the public benefit for the following purposes in Brentham Garden Suburb:
(A) To stimulate public interest and care for the amenity, beauty and character of Brentham Garden Suburb. 
(B) To preserve, protect and improve the amenity, beauty and character of Brentham Garden Suburb, including the features of historic, architectural, landscape and public interest there. 
(C) To promote high standards of planning and architecture in Brentham Garden Suburb.
(D) To advance the education of the general public in the heritage, architecture and development of Brentham Garden Suburb, in particular by the collection and preservation of photographs, documents, films and other artefacts that relate to the history, architecture or development of Brentham Garden Suburb.

You’ll find the Constitution for the Brentham Society here.

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