History  of the Brentham Society

The beginnings of the Brentham Society go back to 1969, when the garden suburb was granted conservation area status. Residents established the Brentham Society to help preserve, conserve and promote the area the following year.
As the centenary of the suburb approached, a group of residents undertoook an ambitious project to produce a comprehensive history of the area. They soon discovered that without charitable status, the Society would not be able to access much needed funding. For this reason the Brentham Heritage Society was established in October 1999 as a charitable offshoot of the Brentham Society; it was granted charitable status in March 2000. For several years the Brentham Heritage Society worked alongside the Brentham Society in a broadly educational role – maintaining and extending the archive, and developing quality resources like the centenary book, this website, a DVD, and a schools pack.

In 2006 there was a change in charity law, which made it easier for trustees of small charities to change their objectives. The objectives of the Brentham Heritage Society were widened to encompass the work that the Brentham Society carries out. On 22nd October 2009 members voted to dissolve the Brentham Society and to rename the Brentham Heritage Society the ‘Brentham Society’.