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Our sister suburb at Hampstead has a website that has a wealth of information to explore. Why not visit Hampstead Garden Suburb?

Bedford Park is often referred to as the "prototype" garden suburb. Visit the site to find out why.

Brentham was not the only garden suburb founded on co-partnership principles. Two intriguing examples are Wavertree Garden Suburb, near Liverpool and Moorpool Garden Suburb in Harborne, Birmingham.

Further afield, the Australian Garden Suburb of Haberfield has a long and illustrious history, dating back to the same year of inception as Brentham - 1901. The slogan in the early days for Haberfield was ‘Slum-less. Lane-less. Pub-less’. 

The Colonel Light Gardens Historical Society has some fascinating information about the transfer of the Garden Suburb ideas to Australia. The Colonel Light Gardens date from the 1920s and they are on the State Heritage Register.

Elsewhere in the southern hemisphere, in Cape Town, South Africa, is Pinelands Garden City, described as ‘one of the happiest and most enterprising communities in the land … for beauty of situation and almost uniformly high standard of architecture and town-planning there is hardly anything to be compared with it’.

If you like delving into the past, you may like to find out more about the model villages and cities built by philanthropic industrialists for their workers - these developments were to impact upon the garden city movement that followed. Examples include Saltaire (1853) built for employees at Sir Titus Salt's alpaca woollen mills; Port Sunlight (1888) for employees at W.H. Lever's soap factory; Bournville (1900) and New Earswick (1902), both intended for employees in the chocolate factories owned by George Cadbury and Joseph Rowntree.

An informative site with an unusually long list of interesting links is the one for Letchworth (1903), the first planned garden city. Lechworth celebrated its centenary in 2003.

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