Photographic Survey

In 2004 the Brentham Heritage Society, the former charitable offshoot of the Brentham Society, commissioned former resident Wendy Sender to carry out a comprehensive photographic survey of all the buildings within the Brentham Garden Suburb Conservation Area.

This ‘snapshot in time’ of the suburb is now available here on this website in a unique virtual tour which allows you to ‘walk the streets’ of Brentham with the click of a mouse. If you are looking for a particular house, try the street index

The virtual tour includes a photo with linked historical information of every building in the Brentham Garden Suburb Conservation Area. A word of caution - there are several oddities in numbering. Some are missing because the builders overestimated the number of houses that would be built, and between 1901 and 1915, when most of Brentham was built, the plan for the layout of the suburb changed several times. Did you know that the lowest even house number in Fowlers Walk is 22, and the lowest odd number is 53?

You might also like to try out Google Street View.

For more background information about the history, planning and architecture of Brentham, read Brentham: a history of the pioneer garden suburb by Aileen Reid.

All photographs are copyright © Brentham Society. Photographs may be used without permission for private non-commercial purposes. For permission to reproduce the photographs (other than for private non-commercial purposes) please email the Brentham Society.