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 What do you Know about the History of your House?

If you know something interesting about the history of your house please let the web editor know. The Brentham website has a page with historical information for every house and building in Brentham, including the name of the architect and the date the plan was approved – but we are hoping to add more. Has someone famous lived in your home? Is your house one of the few that had an oak floor when it was first built?

Roof Insulation

Several householders in Brentham may be taking advantage of the Council-supported home insulation programme (Heatstreets) being run by Powergen. If you are having your roof re-covered, or are installing roof insulation, there are issues to bear in mind to avoid subsequent problems, particularly with issues of ventilation in the roof space. The Brentham Conservation Area Advisory Panel has produced two guidance notes, “Re-covering Roofs” and “Loft Insulation and Roof Ventilation”. Copies can be sent or emailed to you by contacting the Advisory Panel or the Brentham Society. 

 Planning and Conservation Help at Hand

If you are thinking of making alterations to your home, or need guidance on any aspect of planning and conservation, contact Heather Moore to arrange an informal discussion. It could save you time and money talking to Heather, who has considerable experience about the sorts of changes that are permitted in Brentham. For general advice on planning applications contact the Planning Department at Ealing Council on 020 8825 6600.

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